Certification & PR

Green Carbon has FOUR different certification marks, applicable to various certification types (e.g. organisation, events, products and data centres) to represent the achievements reached by a company and their carbon management journey.
Which level of certification you go for depends on your requirements, which we can discuss with you.
It is worthwhile noting that:
74% of the British Population say that more information on a company's social and ethical behaviour would influence their purchasing decisions.  
MORI, CSR study 2003.

and more recently,

 “Capturing the green advantage of consumer companies” is finding the appeal of green products growing despite recession. Based on a survey of 9,000 consumers in East Asia, Europe and North America, 34% said they "systematically look for and purchase green products," up from 32% in 2007. And 24% said the higher price premium for buying green is acceptable, up from just 20% the year before.

New Boston Consulting Group survey 2008

Because of this, it is important for you to choose a trusted partner with which to promote your Carbon Credential to the world.

Green Carbon has invested in our process and branding to ensure that we can provide a level of security to your customers and stakeholders that you have completed a robust and trustworthy carbon management strategy.

It is important not to 'undo' all of your hard work by making a claim that turns out to be incorrect, and getting accused of 'green wash'. More than ever before, there is a lot of attention on 'green' related marketing. In fact the New Zealand Commerce Commission have released guidelines surrounding green marketing and also carbon claims (currently in draft) which is a must read for all businesses.