Auckland Co-Operative Taxi Certification Summary 2009

Green Carbon: Carbon Friendly Certified Organisation
Auckland Co-Operative Taxi Society

The Auckland Co-Operative Taxi Society was formed in February 1947 and is the largest and most established taxi company in New Zealand. It is comprised of 760 taxis in the Auckland Co-Operative taxi fleet, 121 taxis in the North Shore taxi fleet, and 34 taxis in the Western Cabs taxi fleet, all of which operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Company is established as a Co-operative Society, meaning that each taxi in the company is a representative of one share in the company. Driver’s of the taxi’s can either be owner operators or employed by the owner of the taxi to drive it. This essentially means each taxi can be on the road for 24 hours of each day.
Organisational Boundaries
The Diagram below shows the organisational structure for the Auckland Co-Operative Taxi Society. It outlines the boundaries for which GHG emissions have been included in their organisations GHG emissions inventory.
At this point in time there is no reliable data collection method in place to collect data for the inclusion of the Auckland City Co-Op Taxi fleet, the North Shore Taxi fleet, or the Western Cabs Taxi fleet. These data collection methods are currently under development in order to include these business units in the next GHG emissions inventory report for the Auckland Co-Operative Taxi Society.
Consolidation Approach
An Equity Share approach has been used to define the organisational boundaries for Co-Op Taxi’s GHG emissions inventory.
Assessment Period
1 April 2007 to 31 March 2008
GHG Emission Sources
Carbon Credit Offsets
Serial Number Range: PREVER-CMSLTD-AWAPUNI-07-0000020883 ~ PREVER-CMSLTD-AWAPUNI-07-0000020964
Retirement Date: 3rd September 2009
Registry: Markit Environmental Registry