Eternal NZ Limited Certification Summary 2010

Green Carbon: Carbon Friendly Certified Organisation
Eternal Water New Zealand Limited

Eternal NZ is a privately owned company that produces bottled mineral water from an artesian source. The head office for Eternal NZ is on the North Shore, Auckland and its bottling plant is in Paeroa, New Zealand. Eternal NZ also has operations in the United States controlled and operated by the company Eternal Beverages Limited, which control a sales office in California and a 3PL distribution partner with 6 co-shared logistics warehouses.

Organisational Boundaries
The Diagram below shows the organisational structure for Eternal NZ. It outlines the boundaries for which GHG emissions have been included in their organisations GHG emissions inventory.
Consolidation Approach
An Operational Control approach has been used to define the organisational boundaries for Eternal NZ's GHG emissions inventory.
Assessment Period
1 April 2009 to 31 March 2010
GHG Emission Sources
Carbon Credit Offset
Certification Renewal Date