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2008-07-25 Film 'EARTH' (2009) to make green history in NZ

posted Nov 24, 2008, 11:00 PM by Seeby W

The BBC film, EARTH, will be breaking new ground at the box office by becoming the first film in New Zealand to have its carbon footprint offset during its release in cinemas from 21 August.EARTH’s distributors, Hoyts Distribution, will be working with Green Carbon to ensure that the carbon emissions produced by people travelling to see the film, and those of the film’s distribution are offset.

EARTH, a film by the world renowned BBC Natural Film History Unit, takes audiences on an unforgettable journey around the planet, using the natural history of the planet to show its effects on all of life. It tells its story through the lives of three main characters – polar bear, elephant and humpback whale - and their offspring, to show the hardships faced by creatures whose lives are dominated by a migratory existence in a world that is fast changing. The film offers audiences a chance to recognise and celebrate the beauty of the earth, but is also a reminder of the ecological fragility of our planet and the creatures that live on it.

Elizabeth Trotman, General Manager for Sales and Marketing at Hoyts Distribution says, "Hoyts Distribution is proud to be the first film distribution company to offset a film’s distribution carbon footprint; EARTH is a beautiful film; we couldn't have put it into cinemas without marketing it in an environmentally responsible way. We urge people to use public transport when going to see EARTH, and if they have to use their cars, at least we can do our bit to help the planet by offsetting the carbon emissions from their vehicle, in their trip to see the movie

Greenhouse gases are created in the film distribution process through the print shipping process and patrons commuting to the cinema to see the film

Seeby Woodhouse, Director of Green Carbon says, “We are delighted to be associated with EARTH – a film which clearly shows why we all have to act locally to reduce our carbon emissions– and to be part of a first for New Zealand. It’s great to see the film industry catching on to the idea of being responsible for their carbon emissions.”
Hoyts Distribution will release EARTH in Auckland cinemas from 21 August 2008. The film will then play in Wellington and Dunedin on 25th September and in Christchurch and other locations from 6 November.

For further publicity information on EARTH please contact:
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