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2009-06-29 State of the Voluntary Carbon Market

posted Jul 5, 2009, 3:51 PM by Adrian Koit

If you haven't already picked up on this, last month saw the release of the '2009 State of the voluntary Carbon Market', which is an annual report produced by EcosystemMarketplace on the global carbon markets (available here). Green Carbon was amongst those surveyed from around the world to provide insight into what has been happening over the last year and forecast for the future. Some key points of interest:

- The voluntary market continues to double in size again from last year (now est at USD 700M), but still form only a fraction of the overall carbon market (est USD 120 B). This is a clear sign of the sure momentum behind this market and its continued growth into the future.

- Asia and the US account for over 70% of credit origination in the market.

- With Europe and the US making up over 90% of the purchases. An interesting observation particularly for NZ exporter or those looking to expand overseas,  as to the interest placed by these markets on carbon.

- Not suprisingly, the commentary on the NZ market was referred to as the "Great Barren Reef". A reflection of the "pause" button hit on the NZ carbon market when the ETS was put under review.

It is a complex and evolving market. That is why here at Green Carbon, we take pride in providing a clear framework to help your business navigate towards success in a low carbon economy of the future.